Since VCBW has grown so much, we’ve had to break out each day of the week into its own page. At the top and bottom of every event page (including this one) is a series of links that will take you to that corresponding day of VCBW. Listed on these pages are three different types of events. The first type, Headliners, are seen at the top of every page and are recognizable by their Headliner labelling before the title. These events require a ticket for entrance, and are considered the “big event” of that day.

The next type, Opening Act, are distinguishable by the “Get Tickets” button on the left hand side of the event listing. Like Headliner events, you will need to purchase tickets to attend these functions.

Finally we come to Neighbourhood Gig events. These are a series of events divided by neighbourhood. Each neighbourhood will feature six events during the week at different locations in that neighbourhood. Some of these events require tickets or reservations, while others allow you to simply show up and enjoy. To find out what kind of Neighbourhood Gig you’re looking at simply read the event description as it will let you know what you’ll need to do to attend.

In addition to our events we also have 12+ week-long specials. These can be seen by clicking on the Specials link in the top-level site navigation. These specials range from discounts at local private liquor stores, to week-long fresh sheets at some of the finer establishments around town. Specials are a great way to enjoy beer week without having to commit to a specific time or price point.

Thank you for checking out our events page. We trust you will enjoy a number of VCBW events and specials this year!

- The VCBW Team