Vancouver, British Columbia

Infusing the vibrant flavours, scents, sights and sounds of South America and British Columbia, Andina Brewing Company offers Vancouver a brand new experience in the craft beer landscape.

We are driven by our love for the craft and our determination to create unique, unexpected and balanced beers.

Our focus is on perfecting a limited number of high quality beers that bridge the gap between flavour and drinkability. Our passionate team is committed to using only the very best resources available both locally and from abroad; one of the purest water sources in the world, the finest hops and malt, and the uniqueness of the South American harvest. Andina’s beers are crafted to entice your senses and evoke the inspiration that conceives them.

Andina is the first brewery in Canada to use Patagonia Malt. This malt comes from the south of Chile where the Andean geography, excellent climatic conditions and ideal soils, make this world class malt an optimal ingredient to enhance the uniqueness of our beer.

Because Passion is what fuels us to do our best. It is that tireless drive to develop our family business with the same joy, respect and care we use in the crafting of our products. Passion inspires us to push the boundaries and to create the unexpected. You will find it in everything we do, from our flavourful artisanal beers to the atmosphere that surrounds you. Ultimately Passion is the energy that keep us filled with meaning, guiding us to stay true to the core values of our heritage in the creation of a company that inspires people to celebrate life!


    Blonde IPA
    ABV: 6.5 %
    IBU: 60

    Monita is a Colombian slang word used to describe a light-skinned, fair-haired woman, typically a blonde. The taste is crisp with a solid malt body that carries the bitterness throughout but does not have an unpleasingly long aftertaste that you might expect from an American IPA.