Backcountry Brewing

Squamish, BC - British Columbia

Backcountry Brewing opened its brewery, tasting room and kitchen on April 1st, 2017 in the heart of Squamish BC. The idea hatched in 2014 at a Christmas party when Marc Roberts and Ben Reeder realized they each had the same dream and a different piece of the puzzle. “Team B.E.E.R” was formed with the additions of Brewer John Folinsbee, builder Adam Steinberg and entrepreneur Ranjiv Sandhu. It was from this team spirit that Backcountry Brewing was born, with sights set on building a production brewery that also focused on a unique tasting room experience. With five co-owners handling the day-to-day operations of the brewery, this is a true labor of love.

While maintaining a full variety of beer styles in the tap room, Brewer John Folinsbee’s mainstays are hop-forward beers, including hoppy pilsners, east coast-style unfiltered IPA’s, double IPA’s and west coast pale ales. 

The Backcountry kitchen features the work of Red Seal Chef, Artie McGee.  The menu of bold pizzas, fresh salads, sausage, soups, and snacks was developed to compliment Johns brews, often using the beer in the recipes.