Vancouver, BC

We are a small, independently owned, award winning East Vancouver brewery working hard to push the boundaries of what great Craft Beer can be.  From our 311 Helles Lager, to our Smoke and Mirrors Imperial Smoked Ale, and multiple styles in between, we have a beer for everyone.

    Cosmic Fusion IPL
    India Pale Lager
    ABV: 5.2 %
    IBU: 50

    Light, easy drinking German lager body. West Coast IPA hop profile. Bringing lager lovers and hop heads together at last.

    Lemon Dino Sour
    Fruit Sour
    ABV: 4.8 %
    IBU: 0

    Lemon Sour drawing inspiration from the sour dinosaur candies we all grew up loving. Lemon drop hops, coriander, lemon peel, lemon juice, lemon grass, and there even may or may not be some lemon dinosaur candies in the mix as well......

    Market Saturation IPA
    Hazy IPA
    ABV: 7.2 %
    IBU: 60

    A hazier style IPA with pleasant juicy notes of tropical fruit, melon, and tangerine. But unlike some of the other NE IPA's, Market Saturation retains a little more 'traditional' IPA finish, with a slight, pleasant bitterness. You are drinking an IPA after-all.