North Vancouver, B.C.

At Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers we aim to provide uniquely distinctive craft beer flavor profiles using only sustainable Canadian ingredients. We provide an array of unconventional pairings that yield seamless, well balanced beers. We also brew uncommon, traditional styles of craft beers not often seen.  It is our goal to not only create great, well balanced beers but also pay homage to the creative history of the craft beer industry.

Here at Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers we also strive to create unique, high quality spirits. As a local small batch distillery we are able to experiment with flavours, botanicals, and processes that result in diverse and exciting taste profiles.

Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers believes in creating a great place for the community to gather and try locally crafted products while having a great time with family and friends. Please come and join us!

    Pale Ale
    ABV: 5 %
    IBU: 32

    Method Pale Ale is a dry hopped pale ale that we are slowly fine tuning through multiple batches. Azacca, Cascade, and Citra hops are in the forefront with a light malty body. Soft and full mouthfeel from a healthy dose of oats.

    ABV: 6.4 %
    IBU: 52

    Light gold body with a sticky white head, drippy resinous pine. Big, fragrant hop character with a balancing sweetness. Mid – range alcohol content, satisfyingly crisp finish without a biting, lingering bitterness.

    ABV: 5 %
    IBU: 21

    This beer pairs the refreshing flavours of a Belgian-style witbier with the lemon-mandarin profile of the Yuzu fruit. It blends soft, rustic malts with a burst of citrus, coriander, and chamomile.