Vancouver, BC

Doan’s Craft Brewing is a small family run Brewery and Lounge in East

Van. Brothers Evan and Mike and longtime friend

Kevin Sharpe have been producing high quality, small batch brews since

May 2015. Doan’s is known for our crisp, authentic Kolsch, our award-

winning Rye Stout and our love of collaboration brews!

    Double Rye Stout
    ABV: 8 %
    IBU: 50

    We took our award winning Rye Stout and made an epic double stout with the recipe. A very limited release. Enjoy!

    ABV: 5 %
    IBU: 20

    A traditional German Ale from the city of Koln, this style provides the best of both worlds. It has the light body and easy drinking characteristics of a lager, but backs it up with the malt complexity of an ale. Inspired by our brother Jon and our love for sessionable beer.

    Boysenberry Ale
    ABV: 5.5 %
    IBU: 20

    The second beer in a line of Distillery/Brewery collaborations, Lucinda is a light ale blended with hundreds of litres of cassis juice as well as Odd Society Distillery’s Crème de Cassis. This beautiful beer catches your eye and delivers with a balanced tartness from the cassis and the maltiness of imported German Weyermann malts. Brewed for fresh spring days.