Driftwood Brewery

Victoria, BC

We Live Great Beer

In a world filled with mass-produced stuff, being connected with the things we consume brings us joy.

Distinct and local, at Driftwood Brewery, we aspire to create a unique profile in every beer we make. And, from the moment we sold our first keg, we’ve upheld a commitment to never cut corners on quality, character or style.

    Arcus Pilsner
    North German Pilsner
    ABV: 5 %
    IBU: 44

    Arcus Pilsner is a North German Pilsner style with a pronounced classic Tettnanger hop profile present in aroma and finish. Extended lagering melds the delicate Canadian malt base and noble hop character into a refreshing palate pleasing symphony.

    Cry Me a River
    ABV: 5 %
    IBU: 6

    Brewed in the tradition of the artisan brewers of Leipzig, this rare style wheat beer is named after the Gose River in Lower Saxony, Germany. This style went extinct twice, but is now enjoying a revival in Germany and around the world. Dry, tart, citrusy and deliciously refreshing, our Gose is perfect for a hot summer’s day.

    Drawn to Light
    Abbey Ale
    ABV: 7 %
    IBU: 38

    Inspired by the classic Abbey Ales of Belgium, Drawn to Light has an inviting floral aroma, crisp and fruity malt profile and a very dry finish. Stylistically this beer is a Belgian Pale Ale and will evolve with some aging.