Electric Bicycle Brewing

Vancouver, BC

    Hallo Spaceboy
    Tart Pale
    ABV: 5 %
    IBU: 20

    BLASTOFF YOUR TASTE BUDS!Light citrusy nose with a smooth, and light mouth feel. It’s tart, with hints of citrus fruits and fresh dewy grass. This beer does not care that it isn’t summer.

    It’s No Game Hazy IPA
    ABV: 6.5 %
    IBU: 45

    Smelling this beer is like dipping your nose into a bucket full of ripe Peaches, tangerines and tropical fruit. Take your nose out of the bucket then press your lips to the glass. It has a creamy and smooth mouthfeel that fades into a crisp and clean finish. Close your eyes and think about your favourite people, things and space ideas, then take a sip of It’s No Game.