Firehall Brewery Inc

Oliver, British Columbia

EXTINGUISH YOUR THIRST with the BEER of WINE COUNTRY! Nestled in the cavernous cellar beneath the “Old Firehall” on Main Street in Canada’s Wine Capital, we pump out thirst-extinguishing ales with courageous flavour and alarming drinkability. The Beer Shop & Social is open daily for tastings, tours, pints, socializing, live music, events, and retail sales. Firehall Brewery… rescuing all from bad beer since 2012.

    Backdraft Blonde
    Blonde Ale
    ABV: 5.2 %
    IBU: 15

    A voluptuous malt body dances in with flirtatious biscuit flavours and a subtle caramel sweetness. Sultry citrus hints and spicy intentions are insinuated from the recipe's 'finishing hops'.

    Holy Smoke Stout
    ABV: 4.7 %
    IBU: 25

    Fire-dried barley trips the alarm with engulfing smokiness, but roasted coffee and dark chocolate flavours are quick to respond, rushed to the scene by toasted grains. It's dark and daring, but still drinkable all night....

    Tried and tested! Bold and brave without being too thick. It's not something you'd drizzle on pancakes, though we wouldn't rule it our as a breakfast option.

    Stop Hop & Roll
    Oatmeal IPA
    ABV: 6.2 %
    IBU: 50

    Stop, Hop & Roll is a safety technique taught to all as a component of well-being protection. It involves three steps that a victim of work should follow to minimize stress in the event of inflamed anxiety. The victim must STOP working, and treat themselves to a pint of this small-batch India Pale Ale. The victim then noses the wafting citrus HOP aromas. Finally, the victim must ROLL a mouthful around the palate, savouring the silky mouthfeel contributed by the recipe's rolled oats. If conducted properly, the victim of work will experience a soothing sense of relief.