Victoria, British Columbia


The Lighthouse Brewing Company is one of the pioneers of the craft beer movement in British Columbia.  Based in Victoria on Vancouver Island, Lighthouse has always been committed to crafting unique small-batch beers.  When it started in 1998, the Canadian market was flooded with watery, mass-produced beers; Lighthouse stood as a beacon for the craft movement, offering hand-made brews that emphasized flavour and quality.  The company continues to innovate and to explore new terrain, regularly introducing new products, but all the ales, pilsners, IPAs, and lagers in its portfolio are made from top-quality ingredients following exacting standards.  Over the years, Lighthouse beers have received numerous awards and accolades, including frequent recognition at the BC Beer Awards and the Canada Brewing Awards.

    Ghost Ship Hazy IPA
    Hazy IPA
    ABV: 6.0 %
    IBU: 8

    A truly balanced hazy IPA that offers sweet notes of peach, pineapple, and citrus fruits.

    Lemon Lime Sour
    Kettle Sour
    ABV: 5.2 %
    IBU: 15

    Our lemon lime kettle sour has bright a pale colour with a delicate and crisp taste. It provides a smooth juicy bite, which is amped up with lemon and lime to pack a refreshing punch.

    Nightwatch Coffee Lager
    ABV: 5.1 %
    IBU: 8.2

    Locally produced cold brew coffee and crisp, clean, craft lager are blended seamlessly to create a one of a kind beer. Subtle tones of hazelnut, cinnamon and chocolate round out this distinct and refreshing brew, making Nightwatch Coffee Lager the perfect beer - day or night.