Parallel 49 Brewing

East Vancouver, BC


Parallel 49 is an award-winning craft brewery, born and brewed in East Vancouver. Founded in 2012, Parallel 49 brews top quality craft beers that will inspire the enthusiast in everyone. They strive to create clever and innovative beers that are highly drinkable. Packaged and draft beers can be found in select retailers across Canada, with the widest selection of our products found at their East Van brewery and tasting room, located at 1950 Triumph Street.

    Cobra Clutch
    Double IPA
    ABV: 8.0 %
    IBU: 63

    Cobra Clutch is a hazy double IPA. Hopped with anthanum, cascade and mosaic hops. Juicy citru, mango and floral hop notes compliment the hazy, refreshing body in this fragnant and easy-drinking DIPA.

    Jerkface 9000
    Northwest Wheat Ale
    ABV: 5.0 %
    IBU: 35

    American wheat ale dry hopped with earthy hops, with a light grain base and refreshing body

    Mega Bat
    Guava Tart Ale
    ABV: 4.8 %
    IBU: 6

    Light, clean, crisp, and lightly sour ale with light fragrant guava aroma and flavor. This refreshing tart ale with tropical touch is a perfect sunshine sipper to quench your thirst.