Abbotsford, British Columbia



Ravens Brewing Company is inspired by the agricultural roots surrounding the Abbotsford area. We are brewing European and West Coast beers, respecting the ingredients traditionally found in these great brews.



    Corvus Lingonberry Lime Gose
    Fruit Gose
    ABV: 4.5 %
    IBU: 10

    A Gose is a sour, salty, wheat beer and our take on it builds on that intriguing base. Using tart, red lingonberries along with lime compliments the acidity already present in the beer and adds a new dimension to the flavour as well as a beautiful colour. We added just enough Pink Himalayan Salt to provide a bright sparkle that makes the whole beer shine.

    tābəl Dry Hopped Kveik Table Beer
    Kveik Table Beer
    ABV: 3 %
    IBU: 9

    Complex, yet easy drinking. This table beer brewed with Scandinavian Keveik yeast surprises with its 3% ABV. Grape and floral notes on the nose lead to a farmhouse spice with a delicately light finish. This small beer is perfect for your table.

    Two To Tango Mango Jalapeno Gose
    ABV: 4.4 %
    IBU: 5

    With a glowing orange colour, Two To Tango Mango Jalapeno Gose is striking from the pour. Jalapeno aroma with a touch of lime leads to juicy mango flavours and a slight heat.