Kamloops, British Columbia

Red Collar Brewing opened in downtown Kamloops in the October of 2014, and is currently the only local brewery that packages and distributes beer outside the Kamloops area. The brewery was named after our wonderful family dog who always wore a red collar, and truly deserved to have a brewery named after her. Still a family run operation, Red Collar Brewing is to be proud a member of the small business and Kamloops communities. “All Beers Are Equal, But Some Beers Are More Equal Than Others.”

    Belgian Wit
    ABV: 6 %
    IBU: 14

    A cloudy wheat beer brewed with citrus, coriander and acidulated malt. A light and slightly tart mouthfeel paired with citrus and spice aromas makes for a very refreshing beer. Unfiltered, vegan and naturally carbonated.

    Kamloops Common
    ABV: 5 %
    IBU: 28

    Kamloops, a town inexplicably confused for Kelowna by 9 out of 10 people, is where gas consumption is only equaled by truck height. Amidst our burnt hillsides and tumbleweeds maybe we aren’t as sophisticated as the rest, but our beer doesn't give us away. Light, crisp and poundable, Kamloops Common is brewed to fit our lifestyle, as beer and Kamloops go together as naturally as the North and South Thompson.