Riot Brewing Co.

Chemainus, BC


What started as a crazy idea between two friends has now developed into a brewery full of crazy friends with new ideas.
Here at Riot Brewing Co. we do it our way. With each day and each beer we strive to show that anything is possible!


We are located in the seaside town of Chemainus, BC, famous for it’s murals and inexplicably badass skate park.

Stop in for a tour, a sample, a flight, or even a whole glass of beer, because the local government trusts you to handle more than a tiny sip, unlike some other cities where they don’t allow lounges. Stay for the afternoon, enjoy our gigantic patio, bring the kids, bring the dog. Spark up the fire pit for a weenie roast or destroying old photos of your ex.

Hungry? Bring a picnic or order in from many fine establishments like The Sawmill TapHouse, Pho Triple 7, or Impulse Pizza. We’ve got menus, you just need to decide what’s going to fill that hole in your soul.

Want to take some Riot beer to a party, funeral, intervention, or home to drink in the tub? You can. We fill growlers. Bring one from home or get one while you’re here. We also have 650 mL bombers and 6-packs of cans right by the door – super quick for when you’re late for work.

We’re brewing new beers all the time, so you better stop by as often as you can. Wouldn’t want to miss anything, right?


    Blonde Ale / Fruity Beer
    ABV: 4.5 %
    IBU: 12

    This summer blonde ale brewed with locally grown black currants is transparent maroon in colour, is slightly sweet and tart, but finishes exceptionally smooth. A perfect addition to a sunny afternoon or anywhere you feel like being unavailable to the world.

    Junk Punch IPA
    Westcoast IPA
    ABV: 6 %
    IBU: 70

    Westcoast style IPAs owe their flavour to a range of bold hop character; this one is no different. Brewed with a variety of hops including Mosaic, Cascade and Dr. Rudi, this IPA possesses strong notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

    Sorry We Took So Long Saison
    Belgian Saison
    ABV: 4.2 %
    IBU: 19

    This Saison, brewed with Belgian yeast is crisp and dry with a slightly fruity finish. Complex tropical aromatics add to the mystique of this sessionable beer.