Langley, BC


Throughout history, breweries have been a fundamental part of the communities they serve. Here at Trading Post, we are no different. Our modern day craft brewery was born out of a passion for great beer and from our desire to serve the community we call home. As we grow, we look forward to serving the Langley community and sharing our passion for great beer. It is over a glass of that very creation, a labor of our love, where friendships deepen, family ties strengthen and community unites.

    Barrel Aged Low Country Farmhouse Ale
    Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale
    ABV: 6.4 %
    IBU: 17

    This farmhouse ale was brewed in collaboration with Field House Brewing and has been aged in barrels for half a year on top of citrus peel, giving it a complex flavour and aroma.

    NZ Pilsner
    New Zealand Pilsner
    ABV: 5 %
    IBU: 28

    A new twist on an old classic! Hops from New Zealand give this Pilsner a refreshing citrus twist

    Raspberry Wheat Ale
    Fruit wheat beer
    ABV: 7.5 %
    IBU: 7

    This Raspberry Wheat Ale is sweet, strong and juicy, making it seriously crushable during the warmer months