Red Truck Beer


Red Truck Beer Company launched in North Vancouver in 2005. Owner Mark James named this company Red Truck Beer after his beloved ’46 dodge, ‘Old Weird Harold’. The original North Vancouver brewery was a keg-only facility, with a mere 2 employees. Over time, more tanks and 4 staff members were added, but we eventually needed further room to expand. In Sept 2012, we broke ground on the First Avenue site with a Truck Drop Event, attended by 500 local loyal customers and friends of Red Truck.

The last brew in North Vancouver was brewed July 1st, 2014, and in August 2014 we moved into our new home at 295 East 1st Ave.
Despite this growth and the move to our new building, we are still very much a craft brewery. While the term ‘craft’ is notoriously hard to define, we adhere to all grain and four all natural ingredients, no preservatives and no pasteurization. We have fewer but bigger tanks, giving us consistent high-quality beer and the right size brew house for scale and flexibility.

There are no upcoming event listings for this venue yet - please check back soon!